Step-by-step instructions video on how to setup the copier EA on MT4.

Follow these instructions to setup the slave EA that will receive trades signals from the master or sender EAs. WATCH CAREFULLY!

Setup instructions video for the copier EA

How to setup the copier EA on your MT4

Follow these instructions to successfully setup and start copying from the master traders.



Before you can use the EA, you will need following things to be in place:

  • Rent a VPS - while is is not mandatory, it is a good idea to run this EA on MT4 on VPS.
  • Contact the master trader that you want to copy from and ask them to add you as "approved" copier. Your userid and account number must be added by the master as "allowed" to copy in their members area.
  • Contact the master trader and get the IP address for their MT4 VPS. Also get the port number they have enabled on their VPS for copiers to connect to read trades.

Setup steps

Once you have completed the pre-requisites, follow these steps to setup the EA on your MT4 instance.

  • Download the EA zip file from the members area under the "Download EAs" section. Save and extract the EA file (EX4 file) on your computer. Save the EA file in the "Experts" folder in your MT4.
  • Open any chart (any timeframe is fine) in your MT4 instance and add the EX4 file onto it. Make sure auto-trade is enabled and allow DLL imports is enabled on your MT4.
  • Make sure you see the connection successful message. If you have any questions, contact the master trade for help.

Inputs explained

Learn and understand what each input parameter is for and what it means. This is important to ensure you use the EA optimally.

  • Master server info - these are the parameters you need to get from your master trader. These represent the VPS IP address and port number that the EA will connect through.
  • Server connection info - these are the input values that you will use to connect to the trade copy server. Make sure the URL is added to the "allowed list of URLs" in the MT4.
  • Trade manipulation info - these are the parameters you can use to manipulate the trades information. For example - if you want to multiply the lotsize, you can use the LotMultiply option and son on.